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Embark on a simplified three-step analytical journey with NeuroMatch: Input your data seamlessly, experience our AI's instantaneous processing, and receive real-time, actionable insights. This powerful transformation of raw data into strategic opportunities ensures your business is always agile and insight-driven.

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Time Efficiency: Drastically reduce hours spent on manual data analysis.

Cost Savings: Optimize your budget by streamlining the analytics process.

Informed Decision-Making: Utilize real-time insights for swift, data-backed decisions.

Market Responsiveness: Stay ahead with AI that adapts to market changes instantly.

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Expirienced Team

Rajesh Kumar

Backend Developer
Responsible for the server side of the application, database management, and API integration.

Lukas Schneider

Frontend Developer
Focuses on developing the user interface, ensuring ease of use and accessibility for users.

Arjun Patel

ML Engineer & Data Scientist
Develops machine learning algorithms, analyzes data, and predicts supply and demand trends.

Emma Johansson

UI/UX Designer
Creates intuitive and visually appealing interface designs, enhancing user experience.

Isabella Rossi

Product Manager
Coordinates team efforts, defines product requirements, and manages timelines and resources.

Position Open

Marketing Specialist
Responsible for marketing the product, developing marketing strategies, and analyzing market trends.

Alexei Novikov

Quality Assurance Engineers
Conducts product testing to ensure reliability and compliance with requirements.

Chen Wei

DevOps Engineer
Manages project infrastructure, ensuring continuous integration and deployment.

Ing. Alexandr Kozlov, MBA

Founder & Business Analyst
Analyzes market requirements and assists the team in understanding client business needs

Latest Updates and Enhancements

[Version 1.1.4] - Released on January 24, 2024

New Additions:

• New Color Scheme: A fresh color scheme has been implemented, enhancing the visual appeal and user experience of the application.About Page with Changelog: An 'About' page has been added, which includes the changelog, providing users with easy access to the history of updates and changes.

• Logo and Favicons: New logo and favicons have been introduced, giving the application a more distinct and professional appearance.Version Display in UI: The current version of the application is now displayed in the user interface, keeping users informed about the version they are using.


• Improved Naming Conventions: Naming conventions throughout the application have been enhanced for better clarity and consistency.

• Description Column in History Pages: The 'description' column on history pages has been improved, making it easier for users to understand the context and details of historical entries.


• Fixed Fields for Searching Matches: Issues with fields used for searching matches have been addressed and fixed, ensuring more accurate and reliable search functionality.

These updates focus on improving the overall aesthetics and usability of the application, including visual upgrades and better information accessibility. Enhancements in naming and descriptions further aid in user comprehension, while fixes in search functionalities ensure a smoother user experience.

[Version 1.1.3] - Released on December 20, 2023

New Additions:

• Global History for Admin Check: A global history feature has been added for administrators to review and oversee all activities within the application.

• Matching Find for History Offers/Requests: This functionality allows for easier matching and finding of historical offers and requests, streamlining the review process.

• NLP Service Update (Version 0.5): An evaluation script has been added to the NLP service, enhancing its testing and assessment capabilities.


• Updated Naming of History Items: The names of items in the history section have been revised for better clarity and identification.

• Link for Opening Items in New Window: The functionality to open items in a new window has been enhanced, improving the ease of accessing detailed information.

• NLP Service Performance Improvement (Version 0.5): Batch performance of the NLP service has been improved, leading to faster processing times and increased efficiency.

• RAM Parsing Enhancement in NLP Service (Version 0.5): The parsing of RAM specifications, especially those containing "/" and "+", has been improved for greater accuracy.

• Wi-Fi Parsing Standardization in NLP Service (Version 0.5): The parsing of Wi-Fi specifications has been standardized to ensure consistency and accuracy across different data entries.

With these updates, the application not only enhances its administrative oversight with global history tracking but also improves user experience with better navigation and data access. Additionally, significant improvements in the NLP service further refine data processing and parsing capabilities.

[Version 1.1.2] - Released on December 8, 2023

New Additions:

• User Submit Results History: A new feature has been added to track the history of results submitted by users. This allows for easier review and tracking of past submissions.


• Icons Update: The icons throughout the application have been updated, enhancing the visual appeal and user interface experience.

• LeftMenu Redesign: The LeftMenu has been modified for improved navigation and usability, making it more user-friendly and efficient in layout and design.

This release focuses on enhancing user engagement and experience by providing a history feature for user submissions and improving the visual and navigational aspects of the application.

[Version 1.1.1] - Released on November 28, 2023

New Additions:

• Open Row in New Page: Now, when viewing lists, users can open any row in a new page for detailed examination.

• Full Name for Items in Edit View: The edit view now displays the full name of items, making identification and editing clearer.

• RAM Parsing for All Items: RAM attributes are now parsed and included for all items, enhancing the detail level of item specifications.

• Convenient Sorting of Attributes Post-Parsing: After parsing, attributes are sorted in a user-friendly manner, improving the ease of data navigation.

• Postprocessing by Neural Network for Increased Accuracy: We've added a postprocessing step using the neural network to further increase the accuracy of data interpretation.

• Code for Updating Existing Database: New code has been implemented to update the existing database in line with the enhancements made to the neural network.


• Renaming of Similar Offers Table Headers: The headers of the similar offers table have been renamed for better clarity and understanding.

• Saved 'CreatedAt' Configuration: The configuration for the 'CreatedAt' field has been saved, ensuring consistency in date and time formatting.

• NLP Service Update (Version 0.5): The neural network has been retrained using both actual and synthetic data, further improving its effectiveness.

• Parsing Upgrade in NLP Service (Version 0.5): Enhanced parsing capabilities have been added to the NLP service, including better recognition of terms like '4G', '5G', 'Cellular', 'LTE', 'WiFi', 'Wi-Fi', 'GPS', and years like '2022', '2023'.

These updates and modifications focus on enhancing user interaction with the system through improved navigation and data presentation. Additionally, significant advancements have been made in the NLP service, particularly in data parsing and neural network accuracy.

[Version 1.1.0] - Released on November 13, 2023

New Additions:

• Export to CSV: Users can now export data to a CSV file, complete with header names. This feature also includes options for filtering and sorting the data.

• Color Coding: We've introduced color coding for items that are for sale, for purchase, and archived, making it easier to distinguish between different types of entries.

• Similar Offers Table: A new table has been added to display offers similar to the one you're viewing, facilitating easier comparison and decision-making.

• CreatedAt Format: We've introduced a specific format for the 'CreatedAt' field to standardize date and time entries.

• Contractor Name in Full Flow: The name of the contractor is now displayed throughout the entire flow of the application for better tracking and identification.

• Changelog: A changelog feature has been added, allowing users to see the history of updates and changes.

• Log Time for Render: The application now logs the time taken to render pages, aiding in performance tracking.

• Foolproof for Incorrect Input Data: We've implemented measures to prevent errors due to incorrect data input by users.

• NLP Service Update (Version 0.2): RAM has been re-added as an attribute for specific brands in the neural network, enhancing its data processing capabilities.


• NLP Service Update (Version 0.2): The neural network has been retrained with actual, up-to-date data, improving its accuracy and efficiency.

• Identifier Improvements for Specific Brands: Enhancements have been made to the identifier functionalities in the NLP service for specific brands.

• Parsing Improvements for Specific Brands: The NLP service has also received updates in its parsing abilities, particularly for specific brands, making it more effective in processing and understanding data.

These updates focus heavily on improving user experience with new functionalities like CSV export and color coding, along with significant enhancements to the NLP service, particularly in processing data related to specific brands.

[Version 1.0.1] - Released on September 1, 2023

New Additions:

• "View Archived" Button: A new feature to easily access archived data.

• "Find any Color" Button: This new functionality allows users to search for items based on color.

• Auto-archive After 14 Days: Items will now be automatically archived if they are 14 days old, helping to keep the data fresh and relevant.

• Archive if Matched Purchase Found in Database: The system will now automatically archive an item if a matching purchase is found in the database, streamlining the management of items.

• NLP Service R&D (Version 0.1): We've added code that allows for the retraining of the neural network using data dumps from the database. This enhancement is part of our ongoing research


• Input Size Increased: We've expanded the size of the input fields to accommodate more data.

• Usernames Shortened: The length of usernames has been reduced for ease of display and interaction.

• Items Count per Page Options: Users can now choose to display 50, 100, 200, or 300 items per page, providing more flexibility in how much information they see at once.

• Back Button Hidden on Last Parsing Page: On the final page of parsing, the 'back' button is now hidden to streamline the user interface.

• Neural Network Update (Version 0.1): In this version, we've removed 'RAM' from the attributes considered by the neural network, optimizing its performance.

[1.0.0] - Released on August 10, 2023

New Additions:

• Project Initiation: This marks the beginning of our project, setting up the foundation for future developments.

• Market-UI Plugin: A new plugin has been introduced, designed to enhance the user interface specifically for marketplace functionalities.

• NLP Service (Version 0.0): We've launched the initial version of our Neural Network (NN) for Natural Language Processing (NLP). This version is trained using a dataset labeled by ChatGPT, enabling it to understand and process human language more effectively.

This update lays the groundwork for the project, with significant focus on user interface improvements and the integration of advanced language processing capabilities.

Explore our recent updates and enhancements in this concise version history, showcasing our ongoing commitment to improving your experience.